Food Recycler Machine

According to the data from the National Environment Agency, until the year 2016, the food recycling rate in Singapore has yet grown above 13%. This means a huge majority of our leftover foods are simply thrown away without any further reprocessing. In order for our nation to achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable rate of development, there is an urgent need for us to improve the current food waste recycling rate.

Our company has invested heavily in R&D for this matter. Through our cooperation with A-Star, the top research centre in Singapore, we have developed our very own bio-engineering technology using micro-bites for the best food waste machine.

Food Waste Solutions

Our Waste-To-Fertiliser technology reduces, converts and recycles these wastes into much more manageable and eco-friendly fertiliser. The food waste composer machine ferment and decompose food waste using micro-bites in order to produce high-quality fertiliser.

Westcom Solutions Pte Ltd is devoted to developing and producing a wide range of food waste solutions that is used to decompose food waste using micro-bites. Our innovative food waste solution fermentation and decomposition machine is not only more convenient but also provides higher performance.

Thus, it helps reduce cost of transportation and incineration, and focuses on environmental protection.

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Key Benefits (Main Technical Advances):

Odourless Machines – Our advanced R&D research technology empowers the microbes in our food waste machines to decompose all odour-carrying substances. A successful pilot run was conducted in an enclosed air-conditioned room with the machine running for 3 months.

No Fluid Discharge – No extra piping space or water discharge system required. Simply ‘Plug & Play’ as all you need is an electrical point.

Energy Efficient – Our microbes are active at even low temperatures, which saves a great amount of heating power.

Easy to Operate – Our company takes care of the whole commissioning process from installation to any pre-setting of the machines. On-site training and user manuals are also available upon request.

90% Reduction Rate – For every 100kg of food waste disposed into the machine, 10kg of dry, organic, AVA certified fertilisers can be collected. All our fertilisers can be used instantly without further reprocessing.

Capable of Decomposing Bones – Unlike many similar machines in the market, our R&D empowers the microbes to decompose bones effectively. A successful 3-month pilot run with one of our customers has been conducted.

Safe – Safety features such as emergency stop button, emergency lights and/or alarms for emergency use are equipped to ensure the best level of safety.

Range of Features – A wide variety of additional features such as a surveillance system, Wi-Fi access and work panels are available upon request.

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Process of Food Waste Decomposition

Food Waste

After 1 hour

After 12 hours

Complete decomposition
After 24 hours